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The Network of Sikh Organisations (NSO) is a registered charity no. 1064544 that links more than 130 UK gurdwaras and other UK Sikh organisations in active cooperation to enhance the image and understanding of Sikhism in the UK.


Promoting active cooperation between more than 130 gurdwaras and other Sikh organisations

The Network of Sikh Organisations is a loose linking of gurdwaras and other Sikh bodies to facilitate the development of common approaches to spiritual and secular life. It is highly appropriate that its formation should have come about in a year marking the 400th anniversary of the birth of Guru Hargobind who laid particular stress on the need to combine active concern for social improvement with a spiritual way of life. The Network also assists in developing a co-ordinated approach to making young Sikhs aware of the richness of their heritage, promoting interfaith dialogue and an understanding of the Sikh way of life in the wider community.

 The NSO works to ensure:

  • Unity and cooperation between all Sikh organisation in the UK, whether or not affiliated to the NSO
  • Enhance the image and understanding of Sikhism throughout the UK through broadcasts on radio and television and articles in UK dailies
  • Ensure our children understand the richness of their heritage
  • Organise national celebration of major Sikh events
  • Promote and participate in inter faith dialogue
  • Support Sikh hospitals, armed services and prison chaplaincies
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • Work with relevant government bodies to ensure Sikhism is properly taught in schools
  • Expose the numerous sants, babas and politically motivated individuals who seek to distort the Gurus’ teachings and establish their own ‘maryada’
  • Assist in the resolution of gurdwara disputes avoiding recourse to law
  • Carry out regular health checks in gurdwaras and other Sikh centres to fight the higher than average incidence of coronary heart disease, raised cholesterol and diabetes that affects Sikhs in the UK
  • Work with government and other statutory and non-statutory bodies to ensure that the views and concerns of UK Sikhs are fully represented
  • Promote and support national and international activities for the reduction of poverty and the relief of disadvantage
  • Establish links with like-minded organisations in India, USA, Canada and other centres of Sikh population
  • The NSO is a member organisation of the Global Sikh Council https://www.globalsikhcouncil.net/

Many examples of our successes and achievements in the above areas are on record. We are willing to work with any Sikh group that follows the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the guidance of the Sikh Reyat Maryada & welcome individual volunteers.

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